Cyberseconomics HQBE SaaS is the first platform designed to help the CISO demonstrate value-for-spend to the C-Suite and Board.

Better assess, model, and manage cyber security strategy, budgets, resources, and controls.

By CISOs for CISOs

Cyberseconomics was founded by veteran CISOs and security leaders to build the platform we needed to tackle the challenges that existing assessments, frameworks, and strategies couldn’t.

That platform is HQBE SaaS.

Connect with Business Stakeholders


CISOs use HQBE SaaS to gain consensus with:

The CEO and Board to show security ROI and model risk-appetite outcomes

The CFO to justify resources and correlate budgets to chosen risk outcomes

The CIO to show levels of data protection and confidence in tracking sensitive information

The COO to show performance tracking of resources – including remote teams and delivery partners

The CTO, IT, and SecOps to optimize security roadmaps and deliverables

Audit and Risk to show progress toward common security frameworks

Easy To Get Started

We designed HQBE SaaS for easy adoption and seamless integration with your existing processes.

Because if you don’t make adoption easy, it won’t be adopted.

Start small or scale to any size

Focus on only your most pressing needs

As beneficial for low as high maturity and/or complexity environments

Gain more benefit the more you use it

Save time managing the many moving parts of enterprise cyber security

Communicate with the C-Suite in Business Terms

Translate the jargon of Security into Protection stories that resonate with the C-Suite.

Measure and Optimize Security ROI

Strongly connect the costs of Security to levels and types of Protection.

Guide an Informed Risk Appetite

Model Protection-Cost options and produce detailed SecOps action plans.

Guide and Track SecOps Performance

Leverage a comprehensive KPI suite to qualify and quantify SecOps. Centralize and curate the artefacts of SecOps.