‘The greatest challenge facing the CISO and the C-Suite is the weak correlation between security budget and levels of protection’ — McKinsey & Company

CISOs Must Bridge the Big Gap


Security leaders face the challenge of keeping increasingly complex security operations focused on the right priorities and threats while communicating the value-for-spend of their security programs — and show alignment and progress toward common frameworks and standards.

Cyberseconomics HQBE tackles these challenges providing a centralized SaaS platform designed specifically for the CISO and Security Management team.

With HQBE’s cyber security economic metrics, you can now easily demonstrate value for spend to the C-Suite and Board.

By CISOs for CISOs


HQBE is designed by CISOs for CISOs – it’s built on the experience of assessing and advising hundreds of organizations, including national cyber security strategy — and leading security programs in SME and Global 500.

HQBE incorporates critical business, management, and threat context that are missing from existing assessments, frameworks, and strategies.

With HQBE, the security management team have better data to inform and justify decision making with the C-Suite, and they have it in a fraction of the time, effort, and cost than ever before.

Communicate with the C-Suite in Business Terms

Manage the Message

HQBE​is the strategic and operational hub – the system-of-record – for enterprise security. It enables the CISO and security management to easily demonstrate and justify where enterprise security was, it is, and is going – and why.

HQBE sits above SecOps capabilities like SOC, SIEM, XDR and SOAR, and all technical controls and operations, to model, track, and justify resources and budget for them to function effectively – or quickly discover obstacles to their success.

Security-to-Protection Translator

Tell powerful Cause (Security) and Effect (Protection) narratives.

HQBE​ translates the vast technical jargon of Security and SecOps into the powerful value add of Protection results. And it does so in intuitive, non-technical, visuals that resonate powerfully with the C-Suite.

The C-Suite doesn’t need to know the details of HOW or WHAT SecOps does – but it does need confidence that a cost-effective plan can deliver justifiable Protection results if the company is targeted by threats.

Measure and Optimize Security ROI

C-Level Narratives and Reporting

Visually connect with the C-Suite and other non-technical stakeholders with narratives that matter to them.

Threat preparedness and cyber risk exposure narratives - and protection-cost options - for the CEO, Board, and Risk Officer.

Budget analysis and performance narratives, and budget forecasting plans, for the CFO.

Resource and operations performance narratives, and optimization roadmaps, for the COO.

Align Protection and Security narratives directly to common security frameworks for the Audit and Compliance Officer.

Have all this centralized, with robust supporting evidence, to give General Counsel confidence in showing corporate due diligence.

Contextual Reporting that Matters

Model how your enterprise is organized into operational environments to provide business context for the C-Suite, deployment context for SecOps, and attack context for how threats view your enterprise.

Analyze protection performance by protection type, attack type, security framework, SecOps manager, and business context, or dive into the security performance details of individual controls.

Analyze SecOps performance by management domains – intent, design, operations, assurance, and by resource – people/skills, technologies, and vendors.

Analyze how budget is allocated and leveraged across protection types, security controls, resources, and business contexts.

Guide an Informed Risk Appetite

Protection-Cost 'What If' Modelling

Model and justify resource and budget requirements and costs – and produce SecOps action plans – to protect against various attack scenarios.

Pitch modelled options to the C-Suite to agree a protection-budget plan – thus agreeing, in qualifiable and quantifiable terms, risk appetite.

Use modelling to demonstrate protection change-impact with increased, or decreased resources and budget. Show costs to add or divest operational responsibilities.

Action Plans and Task Tracking

Not only can any protection change be modelled in HQBE, but it will produce detailed SecOps action plans - complete with resource and budget requirements - to implement security change of any scale.

Action plans are organized as a set of priority tasks that can be tracked in-system (or linked to your enterprise project management solution).

Guide and Track SecOps Performance

KPI Suite – Data Driven Decisions

Gain a comprehensive KPI suite to measure and track all of SecOps.

Boost the objectivity of security measurement with qualified and quantified KPIs.

Gain the critical KPIs to translate security into protection results, and to measure and track SecOps management, resources, and budget performance.

You can wholesale adopt our comprehensive SecOps KPI suite, or you can add dimensionality to what you already do.

Artifact Centralization and Curation

Centralize and curate the artifacts of SecOps: standards, configurations, role profiles, assessment reports, budget plans, architecture maps – you name it.

These form the foundation of operational continuity and serve as the material evidence of capability and delivery.

These can be quickly referenced or discovered via built-in search function to support live operations, or audit needs.

Maximize Your Time and Results

Simplify the management of security and security resources, reclaim time from the drudgery and refocus where results are greatest.

Keep your thumb on the pulse of SecOps and resources - whether employees, contractors, technology, or vendors - and ensure they are doing exactly as expected.

Discover deviation from expectation quickly, and don't get caught blind or tricked into a false sense of confidence.

Communicate with the C-Suite in Business Terms

Translate the jargon of Security into Protection stories that resonate with the C-Suite.

Measure and Optimize Security ROI

Strongly connect the costs of Security to levels and types of Protection.

Guide an Informed Risk Appetite

Model Protection-Cost options and produce detailed SecOps action plans.

Measure and Track SecOps Performance

Leverage a comprehensive KPI suite to qualify and quantify SecOps. Centralize and curate the artefacts of SecOps.